Wind Water Waves

Wind Water Waves
2021 Finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards

A collection of nine short stories reflecting on various characters' relationships with "The River." Ranging in time from the early 20th century to the present, Wind Water Waves chronicles how a varied cast of characters' lives are tied to "The River." The collection begins with "The Last of the Old Timers," the story of four individuals pulling a boat in the fall and recollecting their lives together. Four of the stories, told from different points of view, revolve around a group of young adults grappling with the death of a friend while also realizing that their season of youthful play in a summer wonderland is ending as they are forced to limit their time at the river and test their relationships with each other. "With the River and In the Wind" recalls a harrowing trip across the winter ice when a horse-drawn sleigh crashes through, killing the horses and forcing young Ben into an abandoned cabin until the storm passes. Later, he must confront death again when he recovers the body of a close family friend. "The Midnight Lady" recounts the attempt of two brothers to rob a riverside bank by boat in a fog. "Mom Makes River a Garden" reflects a memory that has blossomed with time. The book ends with "River Murmurs," a glance back to an event in the lives of the characters from the first story.
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